Forty days into #The100DayProject

After forty days straight of creating art on the back of business cards, I recently decided to put a hold on #The100DayProject to give myself some breathing room. I've really enjoyed the challenge, but sometimes the timing just gets in the way. I'm looking forward to picking it up again when the stars align a little better :)

#The100DayProject 2017 #100daysofbusinesscardart Day 11

Here's a selection of some of my favourite cards from the first forty days:

#The100DayProject 2017 #100daysofbusinesscardart selection

Daily challenges can be ... well ... challenging, but they are such a great way to build a regular creative practice. The act of creating something every day, no matter how small, really gets the ideas flowing. It's an excellent way to push through creative blocks, try out new techniques, or simply give yourself permission to experiment and play.

All of my business cards so far have been posted on my Instagram account and Flickr.

#The100DayProject 2017 #100daysofbusinesscardart 40 days

Now I just need to decide whether to do the daily index card challenge in June ... :)

#The100DayProject 2017

I recently decided to take part in #The100DayProject for the second year in a row. If you don't know of it, #The100DayProject is a challenge that takes place on Instagram that involves choosing a creative activity and doing it for 100 consecutive days. This year it runs from 4 April - 12 July.

Last year I kept my project super simple in order to give myself a chance of completing a piece each day while I was also studying. I used a digital ink brush app on my phone to create small expressive drawings.

#The100DayProject 2016 #100daysofbrushstrokes

This year I thought I would have a bit more time to work on the project, so I chose something a little more hands on. I have a stack of old business cards from previous jobs that I'd hung onto (they make good scrap paper and thread organisers), and I really enjoy working on a small scale - so I decided to use them as mini art canvases.

#The100DayProject 2017 #100daysofbusinesscardart introduction

There will be no overarching theme, subject matter, colour scheme, or media restrictions. Just whatever I feel like on the day - as long as it's on a business card. I think that a lot of the cards will be prepared in stages, so I might do a bunch of backgrounds on a weekend in order to give me a colourful starting point on days when I have less time.

Of course, within hours (literally) of announcing my project on Instagram, I was contacted about, and subsequently accepted, a short term job in the publishing industry. So I've had a lot less time on my hands than I'd anticipated! However, I get so much out of taking part in creative challenges that I think it's worth it (I'll write more about creative challenges in future). Right now I'm 3 weeks in and doing okay :)

One of my favourite pieces so far is pictured below, but you can see them all on my Instagram account. You can also check out the Instagram hashtag until 12 July to see the latest work that other people are doing (there are some amazing projects happening there!).

#The100DayProject 2017 #100daysofbusinesscardart Day 13

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