Daily pattern painting challenge (part 3)

Just a little flashback to last year, when I was taking part in a daily pattern painting challenge on Creativebug. I've previously posted about the work I created during the first two weeks, which consisted of traditional and botanical themed patterns. The third week was shape-based patterns, and I wanted to share some of the patterns that I painted here on my blog.

Geometric shapes pattern, painted in gouache

Painting shapes is a great way to improve your painting technique - you can go with a fun, relaxed style, or choose to ramp up your perfectionist tendencies and aim for straight lines and perfect curves. I did a bit of both I think :)

Cityscape pattern, painted in gouache

I really enjoyed this daily painting challenge. It pushed me to explore gouache in more detail than I had before, and I was very happy for that because it's now one of my favourite mediums. It also boosted my portfolio of work - several of the patterns I painted during this challenge have already become designs in my Society6 store, and others have provided starting points for further work.

Rainbow pattern, painted in gouache

I love a good daily creative challenge, and have taken part in several more since finishing this one. You can see what I'm up to on a regular basis on my Instagram account, and I'll be writing more blog posts about it in future too.