Happy New Year 2019

Oh my goodness, where did 2018 even go? I can't believe how fast the time has flown, here we are in 2019 already! I hope you all had a lovely holiday season. I really enjoyed the lead up to Christmas - shopping for gifts in the city, decorating the house, and opening advent calendars :) And the day itself was lovely and stress-free.

Block Arcade at Christmas time, Melbourne

As is customary I've spent some time reflecting on the past year and the year to come. In 2018 I created a whole bunch of new artwork, completed a 100 day project, opened an online store on Society6 and sold products with my designs on them (such a thrill and honour to see my work become part of people's lives!), enjoyed a few wonderful holidays in new places, and welcomed a new kitty to our home.

Our cat Sophie

In 2019 I'll be trying to figure out how to work effectively on multiple life goals at the same time :) I want to move forward with my art business, create with focus, exercise and eat well, consciously buy less stuff, and create a calm and nurturing home environment.

Working for yourself requires a lot of discipline compared to working for an employer, so I've set out a list of goals that I really want to focus on this year. It's way too easy to get distracted by shiny new creative projects, so I've got to make sure I don't lose sight of my top priorities.

I hope you have a wonderful year ahead, and I look forward to sharing news more regularly with you in future :)

Society6 online store now open

Exciting news! I’ve opened an online store on Society6, and my designs are now available to purchase on actual, real-life things! (if you’re unfamiliar with Society6, I've included a brief description at the bottom of this post)

I’ve uploaded a few of my favourite designs already, and I'll continue to post new work there regularly. A selection of products available with my designs on them is shown below (I love them so much!), and I'm looking forward to adding more soon.

Society6 are known for their unique artists and high quality products. I've already ordered a few items for myself, and I hope you'll check out my store to see if anything tickles your fancy! They have regular sales and special offers, so keep an eye out for those - I always hold out for the free shipping deals :)

Society6 is what’s known as a “print-on-demand” service. Independent artists upload their designs to the website, and choose which products to make them available on. The products are then listed for sale, and manufactured when a customer orders them (i.e. on demand). Society6 handles the payments, production and shipping, and the artist earns a royalty on each product sold with their design.

I'm so thrilled to have taken this step in putting my art out into the world. If you have a favourite design of mine that you'd like to see on a product, please feel free to let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

Welcome to Sally Cummings Designs

Hello, and welcome to my new website and blog :)

I'm an emerging artist and designer based in Melbourne, Australia. A long-time crafter, I recently turned towards the visual arts to inform my designs. Now I love creating art to use in textile and surface design. I'm also planning to develop embroidery and cross stitch patterns in future.

I create clean and colourful designs that involve a combination of controlled and fluid elements. My work is inspired by the shapes and colours I observe in the world around me. My favourite media include ink, watercolours, acrylics and digital media. A selection of my latest work can be viewed on the website home page and under the Portfolio tab.

Sketchbooks March 2017

I'll be updating this blog each week with posts about art, design, embroidery, works in progress, inspiration, travel, and daily life. Please subscribe using the form on this page if you would like to receive updates by email (there's also an RSS feed if you prefer).

P.S. If you're here because you followed me on my previous blog, then you've come to the right place - this is the new home of the Sally Sets Forth blog, as well as the Sally Cummings Designs website :)