Stripe Mountains design

Last year I posted about opening my online store on Society6. Since then, I've added over fifty different designs to a wide range of products available for sale :)

One of my most popular pieces so far has been my Stripe Mountains design, which began as a coloured fineliner drawing in one of my sketchbooks.

Stripe Mountains design, drawn in coloured fineliner

I really liked the graphic style of that drawing, and thought it would translate well as a surface design for cushions and other products. I scanned and vectorised it, then tried it out with a couple of different colours.

I think the dark blue version is my favourite - I bought myself a beach towel in this design, and I absolutely love it! I took it to Queensland on our holiday last year :)

The Stripe Mountains design is also available on Society6 in the original maroon colour and dark green.

I really love Pantone's colour of the year for 2019, Living Coral, so I recently decided to create an additional version of Stripe Mountains in that gorgeous colour. The contrast isn't as pronounced as the deeper colours, but I quite like the delicacy of it. What do you think?

Check out my store on Society6 to buy this design (and many others) on all kinds of cool stuff!

Yellow starbursts pattern

Oh my, life has been far too busy lately. I've only had time for small bits of art-between-the-gaps, and am aching for more time to work on projects! Soon, soon ...

In the meantime, I thought I'd write about a design I started work on earlier this year. It began as a page in one of my sketchbooks, drawn with a yellow paint pen. The paper and the paint pen didn't get along too well, so the paper has been roughed up pretty good. But I liked the design and the bright yellow colour, so I decided to scan it into my computer and see what I could do with it.

Yellow starbursts sketchbook drawing

After scanning, I opened the image in Photoshop and tidied it up a bit to flatten out the rough spots. Then I switched to Illustrator and vectorised it (i.e. converted the image from pixels to smooth, graphic lines). I adjusted the settings to give me a clean two-colour rendition of the original hand drawn version.

Yellow starbursts vectorised in Illustrator

The next step was to turn it into a repeating pattern. This step took a fair bit of playing around - trying to create an even, yet random-looking distribution of the motifs across the pattern. The version that is shown below appeared on the front page of this website when I launched :)

Yellow starbursts repeating pattern

I'm not entirely sure if it's finished yet. I might try a bit more fiddling with the distribution / tile size so that the repeat is less obvious. I'm also thinking about adding some texture back in for extra interest. I guess that will depend on what I want to use the pattern for ...

I love converting my work into patterns like this, even though the extra steps from the original piece through to a repeat design can sometimes feel arduous! But I'm still learning, and I'm sure it will become easier over time as I create repeating patterns for textiles on a regular basis.